This Year Grand Theme

Toward Innovation-driven Economy:
Incorporating Innovation-based Strategy to Prevail in the New Business Development Era

Based on the Global Competitiveness Index, Indonesia has been classified as an efficiency-driven economy on its economic basis. It means that Indonesia still relies on efficiency in producing of its goods and services to be competitive at the international level. Indonesia has a roadmap to increase its competitiveness from efficiency to an innovation-driven economy. To achieve this, Indonesia still needs to build an environment to sustain a culture of business innovation. However, spending on research and development in Indonesia is only 0.1% of GDP with government domination on its shares. It shows that the culture of innovation, represented by R&D expenditures, is still relatively low in the private sector of Indonesia.

Although irony may embedding in various spectrums, the problem can be solved by improving the culture of innovation in society with the internalization of innovation and research & development culture. This vision is consistent with the government’s objective of turning Indonesia into a higher-income country with an innovation-driven economy. Therefore, the problem above indicates the need for a catalyst for change in Indonesia’s business ecosystems through innovation. Starting with urgency, we proudly present our grand theme: Toward Innovation-driven Economy: Incorporating Innovation-based Strategy to Prevail in The New Business Development Era

The 10th UI Studentpreneurs will help build a culture of innovation in Indonesia through a series of online events, such as Business Model Canvas Competition, National Webinar, and Young entrepreneurs Summit.

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